Kvell brings every expert on our team to each client project from the start to ensure success with an “all hands on deck” philosophy.  Experts on our team will view operations from all sides of the investment, from management to accounting. We teach our clients how to become effective leaders in their market space.   Management and Accounting skills are key factors to operate a successful business.  Our experts have a highly skilled team that have decades of experience in managing all aspects of the business from employee retention to cost-effective accounting. This type of all hands on deck focus creates an efficient and synergetic relationship that empowers our clients to implement our techniques on their own that drives operational success.

Sales and Marketing is also a critical aspect of our focus that we use to drive results.  We carefully seek out client/investment locations and tactfully aim to gain local market share.  We can help teach and recruit top sales professionals in each marketplace and show our clients how to aggressively promote hotels through strong customer relationships, competitive and unique marketing strategies that our own CEO has used to build on his portfolio.  We encourage our clients to build relationships with their competitors to keep them knowledgeable about future activities in their own market space. Our commitment to work closely with each of our clients to continually develop their skills allows them to work confidently on their own.


Kvell likes to keep our clients informed of their operational performance through customer reporting and strategic analysis so that we as a team can act daily where needed.  We are also available to our clients for any operational-related issues that need immediate attention so that we can avoid long-term issues.   With our support, our clients do not feel as if they have to manage issues on their own and know that resolution is all within hands reach.


Kvell strongly believes that Revenue Management is one of the leading factors to the success of any business. Our experts work hand and hand (almost daily) with our clients to improve RevPar to drive continual growth in their market space. Our goal is to create a cooperative effort that not only teaches our clients to come to us for daily direction but also to empower them to forecast positive revenue. This relationship along with advanced CRM tools that help with operations and measure performance, allows clients to utilize hotel rates, inventory, supply and demand.  We also believe in the effective and positive use of Social Media, ITP’s, and 3rd-party companies as a way to promote and expose our clients’ hotels. We aim to help our clients adjust to changing market conditions to transform their objectives and use strategic analysis to stay ahead of competitors.


Kvell has relationships with the best architects and builders in the industry through decades of working in the industry.    We aim to be clear and precise when understanding our client’s priorities and executing on those communications by implementing forward-thinking strategies.  We focus on building a unified and constructive team from the start of any project by building functional relationships between developers, architects, engineers, city contacts, and builders . On average, our development projects come in less costly, on time, on budget, and with the highest long-term quality standards because of the team building approach.  We will continue to have oversight throughout the life of each project to maximize return on investment until client is left with exceptional results and can maintain their success into the future.  


Kvell’s team brings years of experience as it relates to both hotel operations and business in general.  We all find ourselves in a situation where you need an external point of view or a set of clear eyes.  Here at Kvell, we will sit and discuss any situation no matter how big or small. We will help your company clearly define business objectives, identify the strengths of the hotel, take advantage of the opportunities that may not be apparent, and make sure resources are used optimally.  The secret of our success comes from real-world experiences and we know how to use this knowledge to your advantage with effective and easy to implement solutions. Kvell’s team of professionals have individuals with the ability to focus on each aspect of the business including: financing, sales & marketing, development, accounting, legal.

Our team is ready to serve your business needs.


Kvell values each investment as our own and has the best interest of our client’s hotel in mind even during times of downturn.  Our in-house legal team is always available to help protect these investments and avoid what most hotel owners do not have without significant over-the-top costs when times are tough.   Our goal is to increase the long-term value of client’s hotels assets and make certain that the overall return on investment significantly exceeds initial investment. If you would like to know more about investing please contact us.